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Purchase of Wise Industry 2020

Rapid CEO, John Thornton, says the two companies had established a successful relationship, promoting the acquisition. “The purchase of Wise Industry was a no-brainer in Rapid’s acquisition model: Find companies with top-shelf conveyance offerings in the automotive and appliance industries who have experienced staff and impeccable service and support reputations with customers. ” The purchase took less than ninety days …

Dryer Assembly Line

In October 2019, Rapid launched its 2nd assembly line in as many years, serving as the GC. This line is for the assembly and testing of Dryers. This system used multiple CDLR’s, Slat Conveyors, and Transfers with a total length of approximately 950 feet. This system produces between 100-1200 dryer units per 7.5 hour shift.

Rapid Purchases Gateway Conveyor and Design

In September 2019, Rapid purchased Gateway Conveyor and Design, located in Erlanger, KY. Gateway was established in 1996 and over the years has built strong relationships in the Appliance and Automotive Industries. Having this company linked with Rapid will allow us to expand our global reach to better server our customers.

Mayor Greg Fischer Visits Rapid Industries

Mayor Greg Fischer visits Rapid Industries to kickoff National Manufacturers Month in October and presented John Thornton President & CEO with a plaque commemorating the occasion. Rapid Industries is celebrating its 50th year this year, being a premier manufacturing company of overhead conveyor systems. Our skillset includes welding, machining, rolling, bending steel products to make the best overhead conveyance systems …

Washer Assembly Line

In June 2017, Rapid Industries, serving as the GC, completed a Washer Assembly Line consisting of multiple conveyors, transfers, test loop, and repair docks. Total length of the system is approximately 1,200 feet and produces 1,550 washer units per 7.5 hour shift.