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Purchase of Wise Industry 2020

Rapid CEO, John Thornton, says the two companies had established a successful relationship, promoting the acquisition. “The purchase of Wise Industry was a no-brainer in Rapid’s acquisition model: Find companies with top-shelf conveyance offerings in the automotive and appliance industries who have experienced staff and impeccable service and support reputations with customers. ” The purchase took less than ninety days thanks to what John Thornton calls “the perfect fit” between the two companies and adds, “The fact that the customers supported Rapid’s overhead legacy product being added to the mix made the sale even more seamless.”

Wise Industry – Like Rapid Industries—has a reputation for top-shelf product, impeccable service, and support that has been accomplished with decades of service. John Thornton is enthusiastic about the acquisition and its immediate impact on business saying that Rapid will now be able to supply additional backroom support required by larger corporations, along with a fully-staffed engineering department. “Wise manufactures top-shelf automotive auxiliary conveyance systems along with a state of the art CNC Machine Shop. This will allow Rapid to vertically integrate additional products and services” says Thornton.

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