Conveyor Systems

Custom Industrial Conveyor Systems

Our conveyor systems are the systems of choice for a broad spectrum of manufacturing and material handling operations. They can turn, change levels, adapt and easily be configured without taking up valuable floor space. Navigate through our website or contact us to find out more!

Rapid Flex Conveyor System

Rapid Flex

The Rapid Flex System is our versatile conveyor system designed to satisfy the requirements of manufacturing and finishing operations where light loads are handled. There are no exposed moving parts and are especially suited for finishing and powder coating lines.

The Rapid Flex Enclosed Track system is our best selling overhead conveyor system and is designed to accommodate many needs because of its reliability, flexibility and ease of installation. Formed from high strength steel, the Rapid Flex overhead system eliminates the need for traction wheels on most horizontal turns and may be used in many types of configurations. The steel used in the enclosed track may be saw cut and welded without special equipment for onsite changes and adjustments.

The greatest benefit of the Rapid Flex conveyor system is that the chain is enclosed which ensures longer life for important conveyor components that may pass through different types of finishing processes. This avoids the corrosion, damage and wear and tear found in traditional systems. The Rapid Flex Chain is designed for ultimate flexibility in every direction, yet is still stronger than the traditional link. The chain is easily assembled and disassembled using common hand tools.

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Rapid Flow Q-Flex Conveyor System

Rapid Flow Q-Flex

The Q-Flex System offers a predictable, powered system in the 1,000 lb. per load category. The Q-Flex Power & Free System was designed with optimum flexibility with lowest costs possible. Put simply, the Q-Flex System is the most versatile, dependable overhead conveyor system for your money.

The Q-Flex system uses a two tracks including an upper track in which the Rapid Flex chain runs, and a lower free track which carries the load-bearing trolleys. This allows for lower maintenance and long life. In most cases, the only maintenance required is the periodic lubrication of the conveyor components chain.

Providing “online” accumulations capability and using a network of spurs and loops, the Q-Flex Power and Free System provides optimum flexibility. You can accumulate loads, allow to dwell, provide in-process storage, reroute, transfer and hold product and much more – while the conveyor system line continues to operate without interruption.

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Rapid Flow 3x3 Conveyor System

Rapid Flow 3x3

The Rapid Flow 3X3 is our medium duty Power & Free conveyor system that combines the ruggedness of X348 chain with the versatility of the enclosed track chain. This combination offers the best of both systems, operating properly with much higher chain pulls than enclosed track systems. This means fewer drives in long systems, giving you far lower installation and control costs.

The Rapid Flow 3X3 system features accumulating trolleys which control the movement of carriers and are capable (automatically or manually) of starting, stopping, switching, accumulating, regulating, transferring, lowering or lifting the carrier at any point along the system.

The Rapid Flow 3X3 Power an Free System utilizes the pivoting power chain dog of the enclosed track system attached to X-348 chain. This allows the overhead conveyor system to have automatic chain-to-chain transfers and eliminates the dead zones common to I-Beam type conveyors without auxiliary pusher mechanisms. Rapid Industries will design, manufacture and install a complete system with matching standard or custom convey component parts.

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Rapid Flow 4x4 Conveyor System

Rapid Flow 4x4

The Rapid Flow 4X4 is our heavy duty Power & Free System designed and manufactured utilizing specially designed free rail channels and standard structural shapes suited for the heavy duty system. All transfer stops and pushers are eliminated as the wide dog pulls the trolley through.

The track sections are designed utilizing 4″ I-Beam over two special extruded channels. Joined together with steel yokes located on 30″ centers, this creates a heavy duty track section subject to long life and minimal maintenance and repairs. The steel track for this overhead conveyor system consists of Rapalloy 1035 high carbon with a higher hardness rating than normal. Our hardness rating averages from 180 to 240 Brinell on the power track and on the free channels.

The Rapid Flow 4X4 System typically utilizes free trolleys with wide, butterfly type pushers for chain to chain transfers. The free trolleys are rated for loaded capacity equal to a 5″ Power & Free Conveyor which allows for the handling of greater weights than any other 4X4 conveying system in the U.S.

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Custom Conveyor Systems
Custom Systems

In addition to our standard conveyor systems, we also have the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of Custom Conveyor Systems as well as many types of custom fabrication. With our extensive knowledge, experience and highly trained staff, we can fulfill almost any need.

Let us know what you have in mind. Our engineers will work with you to match your exact requirements. See a different system or design that you believe we may not produce, let us know. More than likely we can custom design the overhead conveyor system with Rapid Industries’ world famous quality.

We also have the wide ranging capabilities of all types of fabrication and production, conveyor system related or not. If you are local, come by our shop and we can usually have the fabrication needed returned to you same day.

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Floor Conveyor Systems

Floor Conveyors

Rapid Industries also offers a full line of Floor Conveyors, including gravity, powered roller, powered belt, accumulating, tabletop and slat conveyors. Drag chain and towline conveyors are also available.

Our expertise and quality in overhead conveyor systems design also carries over into the design and manufacture of floor conveyors. These floor conveyors can include transfers, diverters, turntables and vertical lifts.

Our complete, turn-key floor conveyor systems are great for specific handling including unusually large items, unusually heavy packages, or delicate materials while moving through complex multilevel production lines. We can even design floor conveyor systems to integrate with your existing or future overhead conveyor system!

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